NCAA, NAIA & NJCAA Placement Service

ASAL Sports specializes in helping student-athletes acquire athletic & academic scholarships to Universities in the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA.

Our services focus on:

  • NCAA, NAIA & NJCAA rules & eligibility
  • Increasing contacts from coaches 
  • Increasing scholarship offers 
  • Scholarship negotiation
  • Video editing services
  • Transfer assistance


  1. Sign up
  2. Complete athletic & academic evaluation form
  3. 1 on 1 consultation with ASAL rep
  4. Choose a package and submit payment
  5. Communicate with coaches & narrow down options
  6. Accept scholarship offer and sign letter of intent.


25% deposit & payment plan available



  • Profile marketing
  • Academic/Athletic evaluation
  • University league education
  • University search
  • Video editing
  • 90 days contract



  • Profile marketing
  • Academic & Athletic evaluation
  • University/College search
  • University league education
  • Scholarship Negotiation
  • Transfer assistance (1)
  • Extended video editing Services
  • Year contract



  • Profile marketing
  • Academic & Athletic evaluation
  • University/College search
  • University league education
  • Scholarship Negotiation
  • Unlimited transfer assistance
  • Extend record & editing services
  • Event discounts
  • Off season team placement
  • 4 year contract

Basic – 90 days
Student-athletes receives an academic & athletic evaluation and a player profile which we market. The BASIC services is suitable for clients with experience in the recruiting process and University sports market. ASAL focuses on identifying and presenting options for the client to capitalize on!

Standard – 365 days
Student/student-athlete receive a comprehensive annual service which includes admission, scholarship acquisition, scholarship negotiating, long term player profile marketing, extended video services and access to an ID camp within a year. This is the ideal package for most clients because of the varying services. We are ready to help you find the ideal school through one on one consultation and guidance from your personal ASA agent. We recommended this package to clients and parents who are just beginning the recruiting process and are not as experienced.

Extended – 4 Years
The extended package is comprehensive service which last for the student-athletes career (4-5 years). This service includes off seasons assistance finding a PDL team and guidance for student-athletes interested in playing soccer on an elite level after their University career. Additional benefits include extended record and edit video service, transfer assistance, graduate program assistance, OPT, pro playing opportunities & more.


Pro/semi-pro clubs, Universities, High schools and Academies in Europe

Pursue top class soccer and education at prestigious clubs and Universities in the UK, Denmark, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

  • Pro clubs – Play pro & semi-pro soccer for a clubs in Europe.
  • Universities – Play soccer and acquire a bachelors/masters degree in Europe. Scholarship, internships & work opportunities available.
  • High School/Academy – Join a high school or academy in Europe. Scholarship available.

Educational programs offered for masters, bachelors, high school and sports management/coaching. Programs provided in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Danish. Access to career service and internships.

Scholarships are awarded via pro clubs or educational institution will be based on the following criteria: academic performance (GPA, test scores), athletic performance (athletic career stats and video), coaching background and work/volunteer experience within the sports industry

Eligibility requirements in European leagues are much fewer than the USA market. The EU leagues are perfect for players who have no eligibility or are struggling to attain eligibility within the USA.

Admission requirements vary depending on country, club and University program.